Busbar trunking introduction


Due to a design we can define two different types of busbartrunking:

  • Sandwich type assembled of compacted bars separated by thin layer of isolation and surrounded by enclosure.
  • Air ventilated assembled of rows of bars based on distanced insulators surrounded by natural air ventilated enclosure.

Bars are made of aluminium or copper and enclosure of steel or aluminium. Straight lengths, elbows and end feed units are prefabricated as standard or made to measure. Subsequent elements are connected by joints with screws.


  • Transport of electrical energy.

Ready runs of busbartrunking are dedicated to feed main switchboards by transformers and became links (bridges) between different panels.

  • Distribution of electrical energy.

Busbartrunking usually starting directly from LV switchboard is completed by straight elements equipped by tap-off outlets ready to distribute energy to boxes with electrical protection.