Features of compact busbar trunking


Busbar trunking system in compact design is the most efficient, safe and ideal system for electricity supply to industrial installations and high rise structures, offering a wide current range from 200A to 4000A (Aluminum conductor) and from 400A to 6300A(Copper conductor) feeding loads up to 400A with standard plug-in boxes. The system has provision of 4 Plug-in outlets per meter, which can be fitted quickly and provide total flexibility for any change in distribution layout at a later stage. The system has been designed especially for installations and projects where power supply has to be made available rapidly.  These are most suitable for applications where exact location and power consumption is not sure and possible changes in physical distribution of loads are envisaged.

Standards & Specification Equipment is designed for low voltage power distribution as per IEC 60439 (Part 2). Busbar trunking enclosure is made from cold rolled steel sheet 1.6mm (16 SWG) with anti corrosive coating and finally epoxy polyester powder coating of flint grey shade (RAL 7032). As a standard practice the degree of protection is IP-52 for all ratings. Equipment with IP54 protection can be supplied at extra cost. Busbars in CBC type are made of 99.9% pure copper, ETP grade, whereas in CBA type, busbars are made of63401 WP grade aluminium alloy. Busbars are with full round edges for easy insertion and removal of plugin boxes.


Advantages of Compact Design 

„ Compact size and easy installation

„ Unmatched reliability

„ Flexibility leading to reduced costs

„ Polarity errors are totally eliminated

„ Low impedance & hence low voltage drop

„ Improved thermal characteristics.

„ Provides distribution & protection through Plug-in points

Low cost,flexible & safe distribution system eliminate the requirement of separate distribution LT panel


Salient Features of Company Trunking

„ 1  Small, compact and rigid construction;

„ 2  Automatic polarity maintained throughout the system during installation.

„ 3  Pleasant Light Grey Powder coated finish on rust proof enclosure.

„4  Inside the bus trunking, busbars are supported at every 250 mm for rigid and shockproof construction.

„ 5  Busbars in enclosure are held tight, and cannot easily slide even in vertical runs when used as rising mains.

„ 6 Riveted construction adopted for tamper-proof system.

„ 7 System can be mounted edgewise or flatware, horizontally or vertically in any direction with all

kinds of bends, tees and crosses.

„ 8 Un-drilled busbars of two sections can be joined together by  Joint Clamp using HTS bolts.

„ 9 Extra safe cable connection in plug-in-boxes without additional cable support.

„ 10 Tap off points are fully shrouded to prevent any accidental contact.  They are further closed by

nondetachable plastic covers.

„ 11 Plug in boxes can be easily mounted, ensuring 100% automatic polarity.  Earth contact makes first and breaks last.

„ 12  3-4 pole MCCB is provided in plug-in-boxes up to 630A for extra safe connection on live bus trunking.

„13  All plug-in boxes are COMPATIBLE with all ratings of bus trunking.

14 Two sections can be easily isolated for maintainance and inspection in installed conditions without dismantling or removal of any section.

„15  Both sides of bus trunking can be used with provision of 4 tap off outlets per meter. (2 no’s. on

each side)

„ 16  Safe, easy and quick plug-in / plug-out possible on live bus trunking;

„17  Considerably save installation and operational cost. SYSTEM IS MAINTENANCE FREE.

„ 18  System is totally reusable, easy to dismantle, reinstall and extend. Each section can be individually replaced or dismantled without disturbing other sections.

„ 19  Fire barrier provision with F & T rating for 1.5 hours can be provided as per requirement for floor and wall crossings.

„ 20  High dielectric strength and insulation level maintained even in hot and humid condition by use of high impact, flame retardant, nonhygroscopic insulators made of F-class material‘NORYL’

„ 21  Plug-in boxes with MCCB and SFU can be provided with door interlocking and interlocking with busbar trunking to ensure “Plug-in” and “Plug-out” possible only in ‘OFF’ condition.