The advantages of busbar trunking systems


♦ Easy to change configuration (on-site modification to change production line configuration or extend production areas).

♦ Reusing components (components are kept intact): when an installation is subject to major modifications, the busbar trunking is easy to dismantle and reuse.

♦ Power availability throughout the installation (possibility of having a tap-off point every meter).

♦ Wide choice of tap-off units.


♦ Design can be carried out independently from the distribution and layout of current consumers.

♦ Performances are independent of implementation: the use of cables requires a lot of derating coefficients.

♦ Clear distribution layout.

♦ Reduction of fitting time: the trunking system allows fitting times to be reduced by up to 50% compared with a traditional cable installation.

♦ Manufacturer’s guarantee.

♦ Controlled execution times: the trunking system concept guarantees that there are no unexpected surprises when fitting. The fitting time is clearly known in advance and a quick solution can be provided to any problems on site with this adaptable and scalable equipment.

♦ Easy to implement: modular components that are easy to handle, simple and quick to connect.


♦ Reliability guaranteed by being factory-built.

♦ Fool-proof units.

♦ Sequential assembly of straight components and tap-off units making it impossible to make any mistakes.

Continuity of service

♦ The large number of tap-off points makes it easy to supply power to any new current consumer. Connecting and disconnecting is quick and can be carried out in complete safety even when energized. These two operations (adding or modifying) take place without having to stop operations.

♦ Quick and easy fault location since current consumers are near to the line

♦ Maintenance is free or greatly reduced

Major contribution to sustainable development

♦ Busbar trunking systems allow circuits to be combined. Compared with a traditional cable distribution system, consumption of raw materials for insulators is divided by 4 due to the busbar trunking distributed network concept

♦ Reusable device and all of its components are fully recyclable.

♦ Does not contain PVC and does not generate toxic gases or waste.

♦ Reduction of risks due to exposure to electromagnetic fields.