Approvals for Busbar Trunking System

1.    Do not commence final fabrication or erection of equipment until receipt of shop drawings

2.    The following tests shall be carried out by the manufacturer on each piece of busbar trunking before it leaves the factory: 3.5kV Dielectric Test for 4 seconds; 1000V Megger Test

3.    A Factory Certificate of Testing and Inspection shall be submitted to the Engineer for review.

4.    Before installation each piece of busbar trunking shall be Megger tested at 1000V.

5.    On completion of the installation each busbar run shall be Megger tested at 1000V

6.    A temperature heat rise test in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation/ procedure shall be carried out on site.

7.    All test results shall be recorded.

8.    All test shall be comply with IEC60439:1/2 or IEC61439:6