Air ventilated type (ZDMC Series)

Item Code:(ZDMC Series) Features:Air ventilated assembled of rows of bars based on distanced insulators surrounded by natural air ventilated enclosure. Bars are made of aluminium or copper and enclosure of steel or aluminium.
  • Description

Made by forming machine makes it have good support strength and solve the hoisting problem for large-span installation.


1 Current Rating: 100 A to 6300 A
2 Ingress protection of IP42
3 Excellent short circuit ratings [up to 1000 A]
4 Standard lengths of 3m / 2m / 1m
5 System Voltage: AC 380V/690V
6 Conductor material: High conductivity Cu / AI
7 Tap - off units are suitable for MCCBs or MCBs
8 Configuration of 3P3W / 3P4W / 3P5W with or without integral earth
9 Available as feeder for power transmission and plug-in for power distribution

Note: The insulated layer is easy being damaged and enclosure is easy to get dusty.

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