KYN-40.5 series

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I Overview

Armored KYN61-40.5 AC metal enclosed switch away cabinet (hereinafter referred to as Switchgear) is used for three-phase AC 50Hz, 40.5kV single busbar and single busbar system, power distribution equipment, mainly for power plants, substations industrial and mining enterprises in the transformation and distribution center for receiving and distributing electric energy use, and the circuit control, protection and monitoring, but also for frequent operation place.

Switchgear to meet GB3906, GB/T11022, DL404, IEC60298 and other standards, have improved the "Five Anti" feature.

II Environmental conditions of normal use

♦ The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, not less than -10 ℃. 24h the average temperature does not exceed +35 ℃.

The average relative humidity of the surrounding environment at no more than 95%, the monthly mean relative humidity of not more than 90%. The average daily water vapor pressure of not more than 2.2kP, the average monthly water vapor pressure not exceeding 1.8kP.

Use the site altitude does not exceed 1000m.

Maximum earthquake intensity not exceed 8 degrees.

switchgear should be installed in the absence of fire, no explosion, no serious contamination, no chemical corrosion and severe vibration gas indoor places. Harsh conditions of the severe degree designed to meet the requirements of Class Ⅰ.

humidity and temperature fluctuations in the area, switch cabinet may be condensation, condensation can be equipped with the controller and heater, automatic control of the environment is inside the state, to prevent damp and condensation occurs equipment .

If the user special requirements, please consult with our company.

III Features

cabinet structure using assembled, circuit breakers Used floor structure;

all metal modular assembly-type structure, the cabinet adopted a strong anti-corrosion of aluminum deposited zinc plate manufacturing imports, no surface treatment, the high-precision CNC machining equipment, the use of advanced multi-fold process, connected with a pull rivet nut, high strength bolts, high precision, light weight, good strength.

Equipped with a new type of composite insulated vacuum circuit breakers, and has good interchangeability, the replacement of simple features;

Used aircraft is equipped with a screw nut body can easily move forward handcart, and to prevent misuse and damage to the advance mechanism;

All operations were carried out under the door closed;

ample cable room space, multiple cables can be connected;

combined with improved insulation and new shielding sleeve and contact box, insulation reliability, low failure rate;

high degree of standardization enclosure, switch cabinet can be assembled to ensure uniformity in size, good quality;

improve the "Five Anti" interlocking feature to prevent misuse and mistakenly charged reliable interval;

Main Wiring 160 or more, can be flexibly combined into customer needs the system configuration;

♦ Enclosure protection grade IP4X, Used room door open, the protection IP2X.

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