KYN28A-12 series

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I. Overview

KYN28A-12 (GZS1)-type metal armored away indoor switch equipment (hereinafter referred to as switching equipment) is the Department of three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 3.6 ~ 12kV single busbar and single busbar system, power distribution equipment.

Mainly used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and large-scale changes in distribution centers and other high-voltage motor starting equipment, for receiving and distributing electric energy use, and the circuit control, protection and monitoring.

The switch cabinet meet IEC298, GB3906, DL/T404 and other standard requirements, with a circuit breaker to prevent misuse, to prevent car-load push-pull, grounded to prevent electric co-switch, to prevent the grounding switch position in the ground and to prevent straying into electric power transmission interval (referred to as the five anti-) function, is a superior performance of the power distribution device.

II. Environmental conditions

♦ Ambient temperature -25 ℃---+40 ℃. 24h the average temperature≤+35 ℃.

♦ The average relative humidity≤95%

♦ Altitude≤1000m.

♦ Maximum earthquake intensity≤8 degrees.

♦ No fire, no explosion, no serious contamination, no chemical corrosion and severe vibration gas indoor places. Harsh conditions of the severe degree designed to meet the requirements of Class Ⅰ.

♦ If the user special requirements, please consult with our company.

III. Main features

♦ cabinet structure using multi-deposited aluminum zinc plate bending by the assembled, fully armored and fully enclosed, separated from each other inside compartments are independent small room;

♦ improve the "Five Anti" interlocking feature to prevent misuse and mistakenly charged reliable interval;

♦ closing ground fast reliable protective earthing switch;

♦ high degree of standardization, high-voltage electrical appliances through the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the trial.

♦ available 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm and other cabinet width series;

♦ providing rated current 630A ~ 4000A grade products;

♦ can be equipped with VS1 (ZN63A), VEM, VSM, and GM VB2, ABB and other companies VD4 vacuum

♦ digital products available.

♦ switchgear program complete flexibility to form a variety of system solutions to meet customer requirements;

♦ Depending on the application environment and special requirements, but also provide products and high altitude and nonstandard double-bus series of programs;

♦ sealing strength counter shell to prevent the equipment by the debris and pest invasion, degree of protection for the IP4X;

♦ Used with models of good interchangeability;

♦ laying in the trough in the second line, well protected, and easy maintenance;

♦ from the front to install and maintain, can be arranged back to back or against a wall composed of a double installation, reduce floor space;

♦ adopt a common standard accessories and spare parts, maintenance costs low.

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