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I Overview

MNS Low-voltage withdraw-able switchgear assembled from modular components from a combination of low-voltage switchgear withdraw-able type (hereinafter referred to as the device). This device is suitable for power plants, transformer substation, petrochemical, metallurgy, steel rolling, light industry and textile factories and enterprises, and residential quarters, high-rise buildings and other places, as the AC 50 ~ 60Hz, rated working voltage 660V and below the low voltage power distribution system, power distribution and motor control centers, capacitor compensation, power conversion, distribution and control purposes.

II Environmental conditions

♦ The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, not less than -5 ℃, and 24h average temperature does not exceed the +35 ℃;

♦ atmospheric conditions: air cleaner, the relative humidity at the highest temperature is +40 ℃less than 50%, at a lower temperature allows a higher relative humidity, for example, 90% at +20 ℃, but to take into account the temperature changes, there may occasionally produce moderate condensation;

♦ altitude of not more than 2000m;

♦ The device adapted to these temperatures during transportation and storage: -25 ℃to +55 ℃in the range, in a short time (less than 24h) up to +70 ℃, extreme temperatures in these devices should not be subjected to any restore the damage, but also in normal conditions, should be able to work;

♦ If you can not meet the above conditions of use, the user and the manufacturer should be resolved through consultation;

♦ When the unit used in offshore oil drilling platforms and nuclear power plants should be entered into technology agreements.

III. Features

MNS system and traditional products, compared with more advantages, its technical level has reached the international advanced level in the nineties.

♦ Compact design: space to accommodate smaller functional units;

♦ structural versatility, flexible assembly: The 25mm module design, easy to split the cabinet and drawer space to enhance the possibility to meet a variety of structural forms, and the use of environment protection requirements;

♦ standard modular design: can be composed of, respectively, protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, determination, direction and other standard cell, the user can select any assembly required. More than 200 different kinds of assemblies can form the framework of the program structure and the drawer unit.

♦ Security: using high-strength flame retardant engineering plastics components, effectively enhance protective security;

♦ high technical performance: The main parameters to achieve international technical standards;

♦ compression site: a high degree of three can be greatly compressed storage and transportation of prefabricated pieces of space, to take advantage of power distribution room space;

♦ easy assembly: No special complicated tools.

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